Nokya 7440 Hyper Amber LED bulbs
Nokya 7440 Hyper Amber LED bulbs
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Nokya 7440 Hyper Amber LED (T20 wedge) miniature bulbs.  This item is also available in Hyper Red and Hyper White.
  • 85 lumen
  • Base: w3x16d, single contact
  • Highly transparent non-restrictive lens
  • Extra Wide 320 degree beam pattern
  • Brighter light output
  • Low power consumption
  • Cooler running, longer bulb life
  • Withstands shocks and vibrations
  • Sold in pair, price is for 2 bulbs
  • 12 months warranty
Fit most cars, please refer to your vehicle's owner manual  for the correct bulb type/application.

***Some vehicles may require the use of load resistor kit (NOK9595) in order to prevent error message and blinking of dashboard warning light.